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Zone Industrielle
2, Avenue Josué Heilmann
F - 68800 Vieux-Thann

Tél. : +33 3 89 83 63 00
Fax : +33 3 89 83 63 0

- Vision/Mission:

Recognized as a centre for expertise in combustion systems, the company’s managers strive every day at SPM to ensure excellent customer service, in accordance with the following key commitments:

- Innovation:

The continuous investment in resources for the research and development and the design of solutions preserving our environment is a vector of differentation and service.

- Technology:

The control of our knowledge in a continually improving process, linked to the involvement of all staff, in close partnership with our customers and suppliers, ensures our reliability and determines our effectiveness and competitiveness.  

- Environment:

A human-size company, with transparency and the commitment of all partners to the quality and environmental management system, consistent with our products, allow us to maintain a high level of flexibility and responsiveness and minimize our impact on nature.

- Mission:

We want to become a leading OEM provider of innovative technical solutions with reduced environmental impact for large heating companies.


2014 SPM transfers its activites into SPM innovations with a 750 000€ capital. The role of the holding
compacty SPM is to develop shareholdings
2011 420 014 € company capital increase
2010 300 010 € company capital increase

Foundation of SPM S.A.S.  company with a capital of 60 002 € by:
Maurice LOCATELLI and Philippe WEITZ. European patent for a small fuel modulating burner

Acquisition of De DIETRICH THERMIQUE by the REMEHA group
Acquisition of the company by DE DIETRICH THERMIQUE group
New plant Building in Vieux-Thann, current  headquarter of OERTLI THERMIQUE Company
OERTLI  group joins Walter Meier Holding AG
Walter Oertli  creates  the OERTLI company

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